Tropical Fruit

Finally went back to my Spanish lessons – after having taken a 2 months hiatus. Feels good.

Last Saturday a friend gave me a whole bag full of mangos and limes from her garden. She has a wonderfully gently sloped property with a beautiful view into the Central Valley. Almost half of the land is given over to fruit trees, including an avocado tree. Paradise! Her place is very close to central Atenas, yet it’s perfectly quiet and peaceful. Such a treat to visit.
Of course, you can’t let naturally grown fruit – no spraying allowed at her place – lay around for too long, so today I cooked the last mountain of mango flesh into a kind of salsa/marmalade, which would be suitable on toast or with a nice, grilled chicken breast. Ginger, black pepper, cumin, lime juice, honey, and vinegar were the main flavorings. We’ll find out tomorrow if it worked!
Until then, buenas noches.

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