Yo-Yo Weather


The Ides of February saw us in Kerrville for a lovely, pre-valentine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants there, ‘Rails’. Yes, if one were still to use the pre-Julian calendar, which fell out of fashion in 45 BCE, then the Ides of February fall on the 13th, Valentine Eve. However, it’d be a little tricky to reconcile Saint Valentine’s Day within pre-Julian reckoning. Always assuming that Christian saints didn’t live ante Christus.
Late afternoon sunshine, as we enjoyed it in Kerrville, had become a rare commodity lately. Instead, it’s been overcast and grey, culminating in a drizzle, turning into frozen rain, turning into snowflakes.
I shall not complain about a few days of seasonal unpleasantness, though. Most of Europe just had to endure the real thing in the form of a devastating Siberian cold front. Then there is Canada and all those other points North, or far South for that matter, where the brave population, human or otherwise, like walrus or penguins, would justifiably laugh raucously about our wimpy winters. At different times of the year, naturally.
Mid-afternoon temperature on February 15, 2012
For us, in Central Texas, it’s more a matter of riding out the temperature ups and downs presented during the course of a single day. We might wake up to frosty overnight temperatures of 23ºF/-5ºC, but before one has had a chance to peel off multiple layers of Polartec thermal pajamas and angora socks, it’s time to search for last summer’s flip-flops. We’re not complaining, mind you, you just got to be on your toes with rapid wardrobe changes.
On one of these distinctly chilly mornings last week, when I had to be thyroidily nuked, I noticed these cheerful Winter Berries around the hospital parking lot. They proofed to be bright red good luck charms for me since I found out today that the test results were unremarkable.
Such a nice thing, to be entirely unremarkable!

2 thoughts on “Yo-Yo Weather

  1. Yes and what an awesome day it was today, there is a reason we all came here!
    Took the guys on a long walk, just gorgeous.


  2. Love those berries. Great news on the tests. And yo-yo is the right word. We started with dense fog, had a surprise downpour, then 77 degrees on the playground and grilled a steak for supper. Crazy Texas.


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