Crossing Fingers

This will be a short post – it’s quite difficult to type with crossed fingers. After not having had a single cold for years, I might come down with my second infection in a month.
But I did get a great walk in this morning, which included a spin through the beautifully Spring-green Parc des Arènes, where the joyful squeals of children playing on the swings followed me for some time.
Later we strolled through the neighborhood of Saint Eutrope, with its basilica towering over shops and workshops in the meandering streets of this hilly area.
All the while I felt my slight sour throat of the morning grow into a stuffed, sneezy nose and annoying headache. Despite those silly germs, we did enjoy a lovely dinner at a charming restaurant,
but now it’s time to hide under the blankets and hope for a restful night!

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