Cognac without Air

My posts are getting shorter and shorter – fighting the sniffles AND having a burst tyre, as our British friend called it, made for a tiring day. 
The morning started off very nicely with an excellent run (my euphemism for walking rapidly, occasionally jogging, but not actually running, with my Nike app clocking pace and miles) through the fresh and sparkly city, illuminated by a fast-rising sun.
Alas, the day didn’t stay quite as sparkly. We drove over to the city of Cognac in the late morning, meeting friends there. We did have a fine lunch and strolled through Vieux Ville, the ancient part of town, even managing to buy a nasal decongestion spray in a pharmacy there – not an easy transaction, let me tell you! But then we hit a bump in the road, literally, a bump with a metal grate of some sort, which took out the right front tire. Completely flat, or burst, in Matt’s words. The next three hours were a searching and waiting game, first to install the emergency tire-like thingy, then find a tire dealer and have two new front tires mounted. Everyone was amazingly helpful, especially the mechanic in the first garage we approached, who just didn’t have the proper selection, but he called around for us. That brought us to a large tire and parts chain named ‘FEU VERT’, who set us right.
All that aggravation left us just enough energy to pop in at a charcuterie (butcher/cold cuts) and pick up freshly shredded carrots and celery root and a little pâté for dinner … and a crunchy baguette from the bakery next door. One just can’t escape delicious food around here!! It’ll be another early night, the decongestant isn’t working very well, so we’ll see, what the morning brings. 
À la prochaine & bon nuit.     

2 thoughts on “Cognac without Air

  1. Mama mia, kaum zu glauben!
    Vielleicht solltet ihr eure ausflüge wirklich mit einem “electric motor bike” machen!
    Aber solange der appetit auf gutes essen noch vorhanden ist, kann ja alles nicht so schlimm sein!
    Weiterhin “Happy days”, und vermeidet bitte den kontakt mit bordsteinkanten and bumps!


  2. I am sorry to hear about your tyre (as they spell it in the UK) adventure but am delighted to read about the butcher/cold cuts place and the baker with the baquette … I guess we know where my heart lies. Food cures all ills and I sure hope it helps with your nasal congestion problems … eat some hot peppers.


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