Kale Inspired by Mike

I love rabbit food. Mixed salads, including, but not limited to, radicchio, arugula, frissé, romaine, baby spinach or Belgian endive, that’s my passion. Thus I’m a decided latecomer to the healthy green leafy goodness gracious healthy antioxidant scene of kale or Swiss chard or mustard green. I guess I’m just not a Southern gal! 
But my good friend and neighbor Mike has a passion for healthy greens, especially kale. So when I saw these crunchy, crispy, curly bundles in the produce department, I had to take one home and cook some kale for the first time ever.
The whole thing is really dead easy and quickly accomplished. Dice some juicy red onion and some big old zucchini that has been crying out to be processed. Sauté the two and throw in the shredded kale after a little while.

Add previously prepared fire roasted tomato paste, garlic, coriander, pepper, sea salt, and a little chicken broth. Simmer for a bit and serve!
Thanks, Mike, you’ve been the inspiration for a tasty meal!

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