Candied Curry Chicken

We continue to stumble across minor and major reminders of the explosion which blew up part of our home last April. The acid vapor cloud penetrated into the far reaches of the house in an intriguingly random pattern, so elusive that we still find evidence of damage here and there after all these months. Two […]

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Laundry Day with Cat

Let’s take stock. As of tonight, we’ve already had eleven adventurous days here in Amsterdam. Time flies when you’re having fun! Today’s weather was very mixed going from quick flashes of bright sunshine and actual lightning flashes to dark and menacing to gray and murky and back like the crazy pattern of a kaleidoscope spinning in sticky […]

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Studio Portrait of a Shopping Bag

We spend this Valentine’s Day busily doing household chores and running errands. After we were finally done, a last quest took us to the chocolatier. Not just any chocolatier, but our very own neighborhood chocolate maker “La Chocolataise” on Cour National, the main road through town just two blocks from our house. True to form […]

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Lost Words

It is now 03:45:23 local Frenchy time. UT is playing, thus we’re up. The last few hours since dinner, I wrote quite a bit about Otherness, Thanksgiving and jello. Unfortunately my new blog host, WordPress, ate all of it. Too bad, as I’m not sure, I’ll want to write it all over again, provided, I could […]

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