La Fête de la Musique

The festival of Music is in full swing all around us, the walls reverberating with the beat of percussion instruments, interrupted by snatches and snippets of all types of music styles. 
It has not been a quietly restful day for us poor, suffering victims of a viral attack and travel fatigue. On the other hand, when laughter and music fill every corner of your house, no, your being – how can you not feel uplifted, quietly humming with a tune recognized or appreciated, while dabbing a drippy nose in rhythm with the music.
Since we’re located with our back to the Old Town, so to speak, and the front overlooking the river, most of the action of this years Fête de la Musique, in which we’re submerged, is happening across the river on the right bank of the Charente. And even though we can hear the music, the laughter, the shouts, the drunken singing, very loudly – VERY loudly – it doesn’t quite come through in the little video clips, I’ll post below. But we are indeed right in the middle of the action. We could hardly understand a word of the commentary of the German-Ghana WM match. Maybe that was all for the better …
We shall now listen till exhaustion will allow us to fall asleep to the music. Bonne nuit de la musique, mes amis!

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