Call of The North – Goodbye, Estonia

Draakon vannalinna raekoda – Dragon[spout?] on the Medieval Town Hall

It’s time to close out our visit to Estonia with a medley of assorted pictures, before jumping in the car and heading south for Latvia.



Some doorways and a ceiling,

and a daily dose of rukkileib and fish.



@NUKU, Youth Theater & Puppet Museum

Der Räuber Hotzenplotz, my German readers surely remember him!

Steampunk Puppets by Keith Newstead. NUKU also has the most cheerful toilets ever and funky seating in its lobby.

Following, first the more up-scale upper levels of Tallinn’s Old Town.

Then a few views of the more modest lower quarters.

On our way home,


we popped in at our local one last time.

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