CAGE at the MCA

This post will be difficult to write because it is rather awkward for a musically challenged person to speak halfway intelligently on music. Our subject matter is John Cage, in particular, some exhibits relating to Cage, which I discovered during my recent visit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The most intriguing part […]

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MCA with MOM

One day in Chicago recently, my mom-in-law and I were walking back from a window shopping excursion to our home-exchange apartment in the Streeterville neighborhood of downtown Chicago when we passed the MCA. What is it? she asked me. The Museum of Contemporary Art, I answered. I want to see that, she said. So we went. The […]

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Quick & Dirty Chicago Blues

I suddenly felt like posting a few mostly blue photos from our recent trip to Chicago. Since it’s already well past midnight, I won’t futz around much and just pull them in here without comment and in random order, let the blues sound as it may. Good night, friends, have a great week!

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It’s Blowin’ !

Fall moved in overnight, autumn took charge without preamble, so …. …. we had to search for protective cover and covering in the Contemporary Art Museum and found this feather coat reminiscent of a full-length Skrälinger shirt. I have to tell you about those sometime. But for that amazing Nordic Saga we need more than […]

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Chi Town Teaser

We’re currently doing a home exchange with a family in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The available internet or WiFi or WLan isn’t especially available, unfortunately, so I’ve to beg your patience till I get back home, before I can post about all those amazing sights and sites from my beloved City of Winds. Meanwhile, just a few […]

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