We used to have a neighbor, who managed to see motmots almost daily. Motmots would pose for her, offering picture ops galore. Her motmot hunting ground was the small and quiet road leading up to our development.
Barrio Güísaro is our neighborhood and the road is called ‘Health Alley’, where people walk or jog, especially early in the morning. Even though we’re only a short drive removed from the center of town, we’re quite rural in Güísaro. In German, you could call that ‘ländlich, sittlich’, which one might translate as ‘boringly pastoral’. 
Atenas centro, of course, is itself sweetly ‘ländlich, sittlich’. I had to pick up something at the pharmacy today, passing by el parque on my way home. A band was playing cheerful music, families walking together, ladies with parasols perambulating, children chasing dogs and each other. That’s Atenas on a Saturday afternoon.

In Güísaro we don’t have a bandshell (truth be told, there isn’t one in Centro either, just a rickety stage), but we have chickens, joggers, cattle,




and motmots. Certainly, there are other birds, woodpeckers, doves, flycatchers, and so on, but those motmots are special. They’re exotic, colorful, iridescent and have unique tails. And so far, they have eluded my lens, I’ve only seen them in low flight or perched in the distance. Barry took this picture the other day, but ….. well ….

Turquoise-browed motmot [Eumomota superciliosa]                                                             

Today, as I was driving down to town, what should be sitting on a fence post? Motionless? For an endless minute or two? Yes, of course. And who had no camera? That’d be me, Homo super stupida. Today, of all days, I had neither a camera nor my cell phone.

Can you hear the motmot’s laugh?






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