Driving … Walking … Driving

Driving 385 miles versus walking 5.13 miles … pretty darn uneven, I’ve definitely not reduced my carbon footprint this week! 

But if you live in a state as large as Texas, which spans about 800 miles or 1300 Km on both it’s East-West and North-South axis, it’s, unfortunately, necessary to use some form of motorized transportation. Running shoes won’t get you far around here!

Leaving on Tuesday morning, I accumulated the before mentioned 385 miles by driving an almost even-sided triangle from our ranch in Mountain Home straight East to Austin and from there South to San Antonio and then back up to the ranch on Wednesday afternoon.

Among other activities, I got to enjoy the company of our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Austin, and friends like Karen Affeld, who is not only a breeder of Kangal dogs and Missouri fox trotter horses at her and her husband’s Mikarma Farm, but who is also the Director of Development at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. Karen’s workplace is possibly the most enticing office space in all of Austin, which is no slouch in the attractiveness department. Not only are the stone buildings pleasing and welcoming in the warm, traditional Hill Country style, but the surrounding landscape is magical. Karen’s office on the second floor of the administration building behind the magnificent observation tower even has a stone terrace running the full length of the building.





Just as I was finishing my delicious Greek salad in the Center’s café when Karin was able to join me for a nice, extended chat. We enjoyed this peaceful time together amidst prairie grasses and still winter dormant trees and bushes. After Karin had to return to work, I walked some more through several of the beautiful gardens surrounding the central courtyard and Center buildings.





I have to admit that this post developed a life of its own and slipped from my grasp, even before the first paragraph was finished. Using a computer without any of my accustomed apps or resources, while fielding a few unexpected ‘off-computer’ challenges, made for a hectic day – fun at times, but certainly not conducive to musing! À la prochaine for now, the story of my visit in San Antonio will have to wait another day.

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