Santa Fe the Beautiful – Part Two

X marks the spot!

Immediately after installing ourselves in our new home for the next seven days, we began with the exploration of this enticing city of soft adobe walls under crystal skies. Was our abode really in walking distance to the historical center? Would we like the atmosphere of such a touristy place? I had been in Santa Fe once before, on a brief overnight stop with my mother. Back then, I was more concerned with selecting the right hotel and restaurant for her comfort, in regard to her moving difficulties, rather than absorbing much of the ambiance. Therefore, this was a new experience for both Barry and me.









And we were not disappointed! As expected, the action was just about a half a mile distant, not only an easy walk but a highly enjoyable one. Winding our way through our old-established, immediate neighborhood with small to medium size adobe structures, we soon reached el Paseo de Peralta, the ring road,  which encircles most of Old Town. From there it’s a quick jog up either Galisteo street or Don Gaspar Avenue, past the Capitol and judicial complexes, across the Santa Fe River and you’re already in the thick of it. No matter which way you turn, up or down Alameda, Water or San Francisco streets, Burro Alley or Ortiz – sights, sites, shops, galleries, musea, attractions. Compact, but loaded, possibly even overloaded, with sensory excitement.

Some details from the above photo to follow.

The many layers and facets of art all around us were exhilarating and fun. We popped in and out of galleries and fancy stores and finally settled down for dinner at a table in the San Francisco Street Bar & Grill. In this first floor restaurant, our charming waitress Rebecca, though fighting a losing battle against the strong wind blowing open the ancient windows behind our table, again and again, looked after us splendidly.

Beef and Cabbage – not! We enjoyed quesadillas with grilled shrimp.
This is New Mexico, not Chicago, where they even dye the river green 😉

After our meal, we were barely able to amble home under sweet sunset clouds, to fall into bed for a good night’s rest. I certainly slept better in Santa Fe, than during my Schüttelfrost* night in Roswell 24hs earlier!


*Schüttelfrost = chills, ague

Here are just a few links to some of the amazing businesses we encountered on our first afternoon in Santa Fe:

Santa Fe Dry Goods carries the most incredible clothing, or should I say ‘couture’, and gorgeous, contemporary jewelry. 
Patina Gallery is a wonderland of jewelry design and lovely tchotchkes. The Claire Kahn ‘snake’ necklaces alone are mouthwateringly visceral.


 The Santa Fe Art Collector gallery offers both paintings & sculpture, especially interesting are Doug Adams’ charming bells!
And Sequoia Santa Fe displays several floors of mind-boggling wooden art, they call furniture. Check under “Exotic Functionals” and “Roots and Slabs” – you’ll see, what I mean.

More links & adventures to follow soon …..

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